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Professional Electrical Services at Affordable Prices

ENBEE Electricians offers high quality professional electrical services to homeowners and businesses that include electrical installations, testing and maintenance of electrical systems. Besides quality electrical workmanship, all of our customers are given safe and reliable electrical contracting services at competitive prices. Customer satisfaction is priority for us and at the forefront of every electrical service we undertake. How we achieve customer satisfaction is simple, we dazzle our customers with efficiently high quality workmanship coupled with a friendly service - characteristics that have gained us many happy and loyal customers that keep coming back. If you're looking for a professional electrical services company then contact us TODAY for a FREE QUOTE!

Do You Need An Emergency Electrical Service in the Johannesburg Area?

When we suddenly have an electrical emergency on our hands all panic sets in - especially at the most inconvenient moment. When the lights trip out and won't go back on, or the generator stops working during load-shedding, or the whole fuse box goes POP; that's the time when you need to call for an emergency electrician. Our 24/7 emergency electricians can be called upon for any electrical service emergency you face and will do whatever it takes to get your electrical systems back up and running again. We will provide a solution to your problem! If you are in a crisis and need an electrical service in an emergency then CONTACT US immediately.

Quality Electrical Services Company in Johannesburg

ENBEE Electricians are perfect electrical service providers in Johannesburg that deliver comprehensive electrical services for homes and businesses throughout Gauteng. Our priority during electrical installations and repairs is ensuring the safety of you, your family and home, or your company staff and business premises; these are the most important aspects of our job. If you find yourself thinking, “Where are the best electrical services near me?” Well you've come to the right place. ENBEE Electricians are experts in carrying out repairs, installations and upgrades, and have an eye for detail. When you need quality electrical services for your home or business then contact us for a FREE QUOTE by a local electrician.

Our Electrical Service Technicians Provide:

+ Reliable, Safe and Competitive Services
+ 24 hour Electrical Services
+ Emergency Electrical Services
+ Expert Fault Finding
+ Electrical Service Installations
+ Electrical Service Upgrades
+ Electrical Wiring and Repair Services
+ Residential Electrical Services
+ Industrial Electrical Services
+ Commercial Electrical Services

Electrical Services for Home and Residential Properties

Homeowners can sometimes worry about having to call out an electrician for a fault or to have extensive electrical work done on their property. Not knowing the extent of work necessary or what the electrical problem in the home is, as well as what the costs of the electrical service will be, can make for a worrying experience for any homeowner. We get that! We don't like giving out bad news when it comes to residential electrical services and so we do all that is possible to keep your service costs to the best price possible without compromising on you and your family's safety. If you need an electrical service for your house then contact us for a FREE QUOTE by a nearby residential electrician.

Residential Electrical Services for Homeowners:

+ Electrical Fault Finding Services
+ Electrical Home Inspections
+ House Electrical Wiring and Wiring Repairs
+ Electric Gates and Gate Motors
+ Home Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms
+ Home Light Repairs and Maintenance
+ Residential Lighting Installation
+ Electrical Outlets and Switches
+ Fix / Install Stoves, Heaters, and Ceiling Fans
+ Fuse and Junction Box Installations
+ Electrical Sockets and Light Switches
+ New Circuits and Circuit Breakers
+ Pre-paid Meter Installations
+ Home Power Generators
+ Electrical Panel Wiring and Upgrades
+ Replacement Circuit Breakers
+ House DB Boards Installations and Repairs
+ Residential Security Lighting
+ Home Security Camera Installation Services
+ Electric Fence Installation and Repairs

Electrical Services for Industrial and Commercial Companies

We get it! We are also a business and we don't like surprises that lose us valuable time and money, and so we are on your side! Our electricians know the importance of delivering speedy and efficient commercial electrical services to our business customers. We will rapidly fault-find and resolve any electrical problem your company has so we don't impede your progress. Our commercial and industrial electrical services are second to none ensuring your business and staff are safe during any electrical disruptions and our electrical service technicians will work around you and your business. If you need an electrical service for your company then contact us for a FREE QUOTE by a nearby commercial and industrial electrician.

Johannesburg Commercial and Industrial Business Electrical Services:

+ Fault-finding and Electrical Repair
+ Commercial Electrical Testing and Inspections
+ Office Ventilation and Air Conditioning
+ Surge and Lightening Protection
+ Power Outlets and Equipment Moves
+ Electrical Power Upgrades
+ Intercom System Installations
+ Industrial Generator Installation and Repairs
+ Electrical Maintenance Services
+ Lighting Switches and Circuits
+ Distribution Board Repair and Installations
+ Power Failures and Tripping Switches
+ Office and Factory Wiring and Rewiring
+ Interior and Exterior Lighting Installation
+ Data and Network Cable Services
+ Office and Factory Lighting and Maintenance
+ Foyer, Reception and Car Park Lighting
+ Emergency Exit Signs and Lighting
+ Business Security Camera Installations
+ Commercial Security Lighting
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